Employee Placement

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Staffing Programs

Our specialty is the recruitment and placement of unskilled and semi-skilled workers. Most of our candidates come from the manufacturing, production, construction and retail industries. We recognize that the needs of every client are diverse and we have made a concerted effort to provide you with a variety of staffing programs. Below are some of the programs that are available to your company.

Services Provided By Complete Labor & Staffing
  • Recruitment and assignment of temporary employees.
  • Gathering and reporting of all state and federal payroll data.
  • Documentation of employee compliance with the Immigration Reform Control Act.
  • Processing and defending all Unemployment claims.
  • Processing and defending all Workers’ Compensation claims.
  • Orientation of all employees on company policies and procedures.
  • Provide safety orientation.
  • Maintain all employee personnel files.
  • Pay Workers Compensation insurance premiums.
  • Pay Social Security contributions.
  • Pay Medicare premiums.
  • Pay Federal Unemployment taxes.
  • Pay state unemployment taxes.
  • Compile, file and distribute W-2 forms to employees.
Traditional Staffing Program

This is a traditional staffing program where applicants are screened in the local staffing office. Once a candidate is selected for an assignment, they are required to report to their local office one hour before their assigned starting time. Our offices are on call on Saturday and Sunday and also available twenty-four hours a day.

The purposes of having our employees show up before work is three-fold. We are able to perform daily head counts, replace workers who are absent and conduct visual inspections. It is critical that our workers be fully prepared and outfitted before they report to their respective assignments. Additionally, it is important that any increase or shortage in workers needed be met before the workday starts.

These procedures have proven to increase the commitment level of our workers and offer a higher level of service to our clients. All of this translates into a more productive workforce and higher production rates for our clients. Complete Labor & Staffing demands the highest levels of quality service and dependability from its employees.

Prior to starting any assignment, every employee will receive a thorough briefing, detailing the duties of the job and all employment guidelines. The orientation will include some, if not all, of the following areas:

  • Recruitment and assignment of temporary employees
  • Any special implications of working on a certain job location
  • Necessary explanation of all expectations associated with the job at hand
  • Safety guidelines
  • Gathering and reporting of all state and federal payroll data
  • Documentation of employee compliance with the Immigration Reform Control Act
Complete Labor Total Staffing Program

In this program we would combine the traditional recruiting and payroll programs to form a staffing partnership that would include a Complete Labor & Staffing staff member on-site at your facility or any facility where it is deemed appropriate. The volume of business normally dictates this program.

Complete Labor & Staffing would assume most, if not all of the responsibility for the recruitment of temporary help. Our staff member(s) would process all orders and we would be responsible for subcontracting out any job that cannot be filled by our office.

The billing from secondary vendors is transparent, with all billing information placed on a consolidated invoice. There would be one bill rate for all services, allowing you to forecast and budget more precisely.

This type of program would involve performing site assessments and the development of a customized staffing program. It is best if both management and line supervisors are involved in the development stages.


The reason we do not have a contract is because we do not need one, nor do we want one. We are confident that your experience with us is all that we need to ensure a long lasting relationship. One of the byproducts of not having a contract is that the strength of our relationship with our customers is what matters, not the strength of a contract. We are positive that Complete Labor & Staffing is the best provider for your labor and staffing needs. We are convinced that once you experience the difference of using Complete Labor & Staffing, you will not need a contract to keep you coming back.

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