Temporary services include the following: advertising for workers, screening applicants, reference checks and dispatching to the job site.

Unemployment Compensation

There will be a complete elimination of exposure to Unemployment Insurance Claims, as the workers placed on Complete Labor & Staffing’s payroll would no longer be employed by your company. Moving the affected worker to Complete Labor's payroll would drastically reduce the taxable payroll for unemployment compensation premium purposes. Your company’s exposure to adverse unemployment experience rating factors would be greatly reduced. This reduction would result from the elimination of shorter hires of seasonal employees and/or high employee turnover.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Complete Labor & Staffing provides and pays for all Worker Compensation Insurance premiums and handles all workers’ injury claims. This relieves both the burden of claims processing and the negative effect of experience rating factors which traditionally occur with less experienced workers. The gross payroll for Workman’s Compensation premium computation would be reduced through the removal of the in-house work force from your general payroll.

Fringe Benefits

Workers who are employed and paid by Complete Labor & Staffing will not be eligible to receive any of the “standard benefits” unless so designated in our agreement. Your company would now be free to continue to utilize the services of the “temporaries” without concerns of pension plans, matching funds, medical insurance, vacation, or other general benefits.

Union Affiliations

Workers who are employed by Complete Labor & Staffing are not a potential “voting block” as opposed to seasonal in-house workers who are normally prime targets for union organization attempts.

Flexibility of Use

Your business would achieve greater flexibility in the area of individual worker utilization because of the change in the workers status to contracted labor. Your company would be able to maintain prime workers on assignment and terminate others whose performance was found unacceptable to your organization.

Elimination of Administration Costs

The payroll burden created through processing of new hires would be totally eliminated. The complete and total elimination of report requirements for unemployment, worker’s compensation, public assistance programs, and payroll tax records would reduce administrative costs.